What’s New For 2012

I have lots of new and great things happening this year. It’s been over a year since my last post…. so this is long over do.

First off… I have started a new triathlon training group here in central Massachusetts called Mass Tri. We had our first meeting this past weekend and it’s off to a great start. One of the things I came up with to keep everyone in the group motivated through the cold winter months is a new challenge. I call it The Mass Tri 140.6 Fitness Challenge. Starting February 6th anyone taking part will try to finish an Ironman distance (140.6 miles) over a 4 week span. There are 4 different suggested training plans to choose from to get everyone moving in the right direction.

Second…. I registered for the Mountain Running National Championships at Mount Washington. This is a mountain like no other. I have biked up it twice but this will be the first time racing up it on foot.

Also…. about 6 weeks ago I started to transition to more of a raw food diet. Eating a totally raw vegan diet is something that I have aspired to do for some time. This transition is definitely going to be a work in progress but I hope to be at least 90% raw by the time the mountain running series starts in May. I am now even toying with the idea of fruitarianism. We’ll see how far I can take it.

I’m looking forward to making 2012 a great year. ….and posting more blogs soon.


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