Rice Nog Oatmeal

Here’s a simple and yummy way to spice up your oatmeal this winter.

Oats (I used GF)
Sliced Raw Almonds
Raw Hemp Seeds
Peanut Butter
Coconut Oil
Maple Syrup
Rice Dream Rice Nog (or other dairy free nog)


What’s New For 2012

I have lots of new and great things happening this year. It’s been over a year since my last post…. so this is long over do.

First off… I have started a new triathlon training group here in central Massachusetts called Mass Tri. We had our first meeting this past weekend and it’s off to a great start. One of the things I came up with to keep everyone in the group motivated through the cold winter months is a new challenge. I call it The Mass Tri 140.6 Fitness Challenge. Starting February 6th anyone taking part will try to finish an Ironman distance (140.6 miles) over a 4 week span. There are 4 different suggested training plans to choose from to get everyone moving in the right direction.

Second…. I registered for the Mountain Running National Championships at Mount Washington. This is a mountain like no other. I have biked up it twice but this will be the first time racing up it on foot.

Also…. about 6 weeks ago I started to transition to more of a raw food diet. Eating a totally raw vegan diet is something that I have aspired to do for some time. This transition is definitely going to be a work in progress but I hope to be at least 90% raw by the time the mountain running series starts in May. I am now even toying with the idea of fruitarianism. We’ll see how far I can take it.

I’m looking forward to making 2012 a great year. ….and posting more blogs soon.

The Year I Became A Triathlete

2010 began my second year of competitive running. My goals for the year were to complete the USATF New England Mountain Running Circuit and to make my debut in the world of multisport. I discovered a friendly group of people to train with at Triumph Triathlon of Boston. They are a wonderful community of athletes from newbies to experts.

Mountain Running

The season started off great…. At the Wachusett Mountain Race, I managed to take 7min 21sec off my time from the previous year. Followed by my first 10 mile race at Pack Monadnock.

On June 13th I competed in my very first duathlon, taking home a 1st place overall finish. It was a small race called The Great Duathlon, put on by the local Boys and Girls Club. My partner Heather also competed in this event. Although it was her 2nd duathlon…. this time she was 6 months pregnant.

Two weeks later I returned to the mountain circuit to what I consider one of the hardest races in the series…. the Cranmore Hill Climb. Even with the challenge of a 2262 ft. elevation gain in 7.12 miles, I took 9min 45sec off my time from 2009. Little did I know that would be the last mountain race for me in 2010. The day before the next event at Loon Mountain, I sustained a severe sprain to my first metatarsal on my right foot. Not only was I bummed out…. now I was worried about whether or not I was going to be able to run in my first triathlon in just 2 weeks. I took it easy, sticking mostly to swimming, until the race.

Massachusetts State Triathlon

Race day came and I felt like crap. My foot had almost fully recovered. It was pre-race jitters and lack sleep from the night before…. but nothing was going to stop me. It was a well run race put on by Max Performance. I had a lot of fun despite some nagging foot pain by the end of the run. I finished with a time of 1:19:16 placing 30th overall and 4th in my age group.

Westborough Sprint Triathlon

One month later I competed in my 2nd triathlon. The Westborough Sprint Triathlon put on by Sun Multisport. This was another well organized race… and I’m looking forward to doing it again in 2011. This time I felt great. My Swim times had been improving, I was doing more training on the bike, and my foot was in great shape. The weather was perfect and I was ready to race. The .25 mile swim was pretty chaotic, but I was happy with my time. The bike and the run went perfect. I was very happy with a 20.7 mph avg on the 14 mile course, and the couple guys that managed to pass me…. I picked back off on the run.

The rest of the year I spent mostly running, picking up 4 new PRs and mentally preparing myself for a great 2011 season. My new son Liam was born in September. He joined me in his stroller for my last race of the year, at the Ric Buxton Memorial 5k. We finished 12th overall with a time of 21:11.

December at Walden

It’s only December and I’m already getting impatient to start open water swimming again. So… I looked through my training log to see how long I have to wait. My first ows last spring was May 5th at Walden Pond….. well I have about 4½ months to go.

If I was to create a top ten list of favorite places, Walden would definitely be on there. So, why wait until spring. Just because the water is freezing cold doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy the rest of the park. For those who don’t know, The Walden Pond State Reservation offers a great network of trails that connect to other conservation land like Adams Woods in Lincoln, MA.

I decided to go for an easy pace trail run around the pond. I only came across a few other people walking on the pond loop trail, quite a difference from about four months ago. Even with no leaves on the trees and the temperature in the 20s…. It was a great run!